MDCE: Connecting People.

MDCE is a digital media agency run by Carlos, an all-time IT enthusiast and a Telematics Engineer from Santiago, dedicated to provide freelance IT consultancy services to companies in Chile and the rest of the world. 🌍

We are active in the fields of commercial web development, social media, online advertising, content creation and e-commerce for small to medium sized businesses.

We also help foreign companies looking to make IT business in Chile, by providing them a reliable middle-man connection with local companies and authorities, enabling them to surpass the cultural and language barrier.

Our signature feature is our drive to create excellent work and our will to deliver a balanced, human and satisfying experience to all involved parties. Follow the links on each subject to find out more.

We’re currently accepting new projects but we take our time. If you have any business inquiries, please send an email to telling us your story. We will reply profusely.

– With love, C.

During this COVID-19 crisis we’re doubling the efforts to deliver projects, so we’re actively looking for collaborators in the fields of graphic design, web development and social media management. We’ll enable a job offer mailing list. Coming soon!

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